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“Today I made your Veg Beef Stew.  It was so good!  I had a busy crazy day and started early.  My mother in law flew in tonight–I was nervous she wouldn’t like it.  We all loved it!  She’s a way good cook too!  Thank you for saving me!!” – Michelle L.

“For years I’ve wanted a personal Chef …problem? Can’t afford one. However, Citrus Pear is as close as you can get. Their menu options are as close to a personal chef, I’ll ever need. Each and every one of the meal choices/options are to die for good. To have delicious dinners waiting for me when I come home …is a slice of heaven. As a Type 1 Diabetic, we struggle to have common food choices in our family. Citrus Pear is the best of both worlds. Personalized meal choices that are not only healthy …but, an easy choice for menu options and a delicious meal choice. To eat as much of a meal, and enjoy the taste, is a welcome change to limited portions with a shot of insulin. Thank you Citrus Pear for a balanced meal of taste and healthy!” – Kevin R.