Citrus Pear Refunds

Instructions for Refunds

Please view your orders here: If the order is available for a refund, you will find a refund button. Click on the refund button and follow instructions.

We do not support exchanges. If you desire to make a change (meal size, amount of meals, or date), you can choose to refund your order to store credit and then you can make the desired changes in a new order.

Due to COVID-19, our partnered grocery stores have limited supply. At this time we cannot accommodate order upgrades. We will only accept new orders when a class is released. Out of stock classes will not be restocked until the next release day.  We hope to offer release days more often, as we evaluate additional locations.

Read through the instructions as you refund your order, it will provide clarification.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your refund, if you do not receive it, please try again.

Follow instructions to process the refund.