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Citrus Pear Instruction Cards

Nutrition Facts: Nutrition facts are for the meal provided, unless specified otherwise.  Any foods added must be calculated in for accuracy.  The nutrition facts are for one serving of the meal.  The serving size is found above the additional seasonings.

Pressure Cooker: We provide directions for the pressure cooker, some of the meals we do not recommend cooking in the pressure cooker.  Please refer to the instruction cards for that specific meal.

Storage: Store meals up right so they don’t leak and can easily be transferred to the crock pot.  Place a cutting board, cookie sheet, or piece of cardboard under them to prevent freezing to the rack/shelf. You may also separate them with wax paper to prevent sticking together.

Preparing: When you are ready to cook a meal, simply rip the bag off and drop the meal in the crock pot! Some like to run under warm water for 1-2 minutes to easily remove from the bag.

All crock pots cook differently. If you know yours cooks hotter, set it for the lower range of recommended time. **The USDA does not recommend cooking frozen meat at low temperatures, for long periods of time, in the slow cooker. (Kind of like they don’t recommend eating a medium steak.) This does not apply to meals cooked in the instant pot, small family meals cooked according to the provided directions, or regular family meals cooked 3-4 hours on high. If you prefer, place a meal in your fridge to begin thawing, 24 hrs prior to cooking. If you aren’t planning to cook the meal within 1-2 days, DO NOT remove it from the freezer.  You may also thaw in the microwave prior to cooking. **Cook times provided are for frozen, partially thawed, or thawed meals.

Seasoning:  As meals cook over time, flavors become more mild. For stronger flavors, see the instruction cards for additional spices to add 1 hour prior to serving.

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